Client Testimonials

I had previously contacted several companies offering a similar service but had little response and no luck. I contacted ISLA and immediately experienced a different response, not only was it timely but it was professional. The formation of my offshore company and bank account was extremely quick and was completed with my interests in mind. I am very satisfied with the Corporate documents they are very well presented and very thorough.

Working with ISLA you know where you stand from the word go. I have already recommended the service to work colleagues and will continue to offer the info to anyone that wants to go this route. Thank you for the service I am extremely happy.

S.T. | Offshore Company Formation

Have registered a Belize company for a client of mine recently. The service was highly professional, I was provided all relevant information, nothing was missing and no unnecessary info was given to me in the process. The entire process was well organized and explained, the responses were issued promptly and the document processing was easy and orderly. Overall, very good experience, will definitely recommend to additional clients.

LS | Offshore Company Formation

This is a very professional service provider, whom I have found to respond promptly to any requests, who will have your corporate documentation completed within a few days, and who follow through in setting up your bank account by directly interceding with your new bank. There are many unprofessional company formation service providers in this field, who at best are slow to respond and many who lose interest in your case as soon as you have paid your fees.

BCH | Offshore Company Formation

Swift offshore company formation with very clear and concise instructions. Very helpful and response time to queries is fast. Overall experience has been excellent to date and have already recommended ISLA to business associates. Keep up the great service and look forward to a mutually beneficial working relationship into the future.

S.W. | Offshore Company Formation

They have good information on their website, and when I contacted them they were helpful and didn't try and con me into hiding finances offshore. They pointed out the issue of residency and didn't make any fraudulent claims. If you have the cash, they can also arrange second citizenship.

Paul C. | General Consultation

I have successfully received the documents yesterday.
Mr. H. is extremely grateful and satisfied with your services. I'm sending you his special thanks. We will definitely use your services in the future! Thank you very much for your professionalism and flexibility.

M.T. | Economic Citizenship Services

Very professional service provider with well established contacts to various banks through out the globe. They are always there for you if you contact them, guiding you and helping you during the whole process of company & bank account set up. Have you ever worried about clap down on bank heavens?
Well after they scared the TV educated masses out, the doors and legal possibilities will aways stay open for the rich and wealthy, for the politicians as well as for the good informed. If you want to be well informed I sugest that you work with competent companies. This is defenetely one of them.

D.K. ( EU ) | Offshore Company Formation

I much appreciate the time you have taken to explain the intracacies related to the commercialization of my intellectual property rights. I have requested information from a half dozen specialists such as yourself and your response and professionalism outrate all others.

Luc D. | General Consultation

I am extremely satisfied with the service offered! You gave me full support when requested a Belize company incorporation and Bank account opening, promptly helping me with questions and doubts from day one, following all the process on a step-by-step basis, until it was fully completed! Thank you so much, your service is superb!!

NG | Offshore Company Formation

I really appreciate your thorough answers that helped me to choose the best offshore structure for my small enterprise.
I can tell you that I have tried different service companies related to my questions, and I decided to go for your company due to the professionalism you showed.

A.G. | Offshore Company Formation

Thank you for choosing Offshore Advisor!