Dominica Citizenship: New Prices from December, 2016

The Government of Dominica improves its Citizenship-by-Investment Program again. Beginning with the 1st of December 2016 the following amendments are introduced in order to make the program even more attractive to foreign investors:

1) The age of dependants of the main applicant allowed to be included to the main family application becomes:

a. dependent children of up to 28 years old;
b. dependent parents of the main applicant in the age of 55 years old and older.

2) For Real Estate investment option the Government fees are now much more attractive, to the extent that it is often better amounts than doing donation for a large family:

  • USD 50,000 for the Single Applicant;
  • USD 75,000 for family up to 4 persons, including the main applicant;
  • USD 100,000 for family up to 6 persons, including the main applicant;
  • USD 20,000 for each additional dependant aged under 18 years;
  • USD 25,000 for each additional dependant aged over 18 years.

It was also announced that clients who are rejected from Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment Program or any other Caribbean Island program, will be rejected by all of them. All Caribbean countries supporting citizenship-by-investment programs will now share information on the rejected applicants between them.

Investments and fees related to Donation option remain untouched so far.

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