How to Easily Obtain Instant Alternative Citizenship

Unless you are the lucky one to become a citizen of another state by reasons of marriage, lineage or religious affiliation, the economic citizenship program is the easiest way to get an instant alternative citizenship. You don’t have to break the law nor be a multimillionaire to afford yourself getting a second passport and a lifestyle of “Rich and Famous” with the same level of freedom and security.

Economic Citizenship Program Requires Investments

Economic citizenship programs are official government sponsored programs of instant citizenship. Some countries have adopted programs which allow the acquisition of citizenship in return for a direct contribution to the state as a means of development of the country. They are either seeking for a donation into their budgets or trying to attract significant foreign investments into the economy.

This difference is important, since in one case you just pay the money as a government fee, no matter what they call it, donation or processing fee or else, and in the other case you afterwards remain in possession of certain assets in your new citizenship country. The latter option naturally sounds much nicer but normally turns to be much more expensive as well. Bringing an example, to get a passport in Dominica you have to make a donation to the Government of US$ 100,000 per single applicant or US$ 175,000 – 200,000 per family. St. Kitts & Nevis Citizensip-by-Investment program will require a significant investment to qualify for economic citizen status – you’re expected to purchase at least a condominium making an investment of about US$ 400,000.

In each case the process will involve more expenses in the form of government fees, professional fees to licensed program promoters and due-diligence fees to detective agencies verifying your files amounting to significant figures as well.

What to Check First When Considering an Alternative Citizenship Program

Besides the above stated, when considering another citizenship program being offered to you by the program promoter be sure you know:

  1. what exactly country you are being offered the citizenship, not just mentioning the region or geographical location; you must be certain that the passport will be recognized by the international community otherwise it’s worthless from the beginning;
  2. if you will get a citizenship status and not just a passport since citizenship is for your life-time and passport is normally for 10 years the longest, you will have to renew it after and with no citizen status you won’t be able to get it;
  3. if your citizenship will give you full rights of a citizen of the country, i.e. come and leave any time, reside and work with no necessity to get extra licenses, vote etc.;
  4. if the list of visa-free countries for travels with that passport covers what you need and if not get sure it will be easier to get a visa with a new passport than you can do it now;
  5. if you are required to renounce your current citizenship and if you can easily renounce your new citizenship in case of necessity;
  6. if you need to speak the official language of the country and/or come for the personal interview;
  7. what are the total costs you will have to pay and what fees are refundable and non-refundable in case of a negative response.

Money is Not the Only Decisive Factor to Qualify for Citizen Status

Even if you are ready to make significant investments, money is not the only decisive factor. You must pass a rigorous application process, and only then you get your citizenship. If you’ve got real problems with the law in your past, none of the countries will accept your application. That’s why all economic programs use licensed agents to vet the applicants.

The agents are to thoroughly review your case before submitting the application, and if you’ve come from a blacklisted country or cannot provide for police clearance, they will not submit you. Good news is that it may happen so that what is considered a felony in one country is not necessarily same in the other. If that is your case, you can check it first with your promoting agent before getting into the process.

Finally, if you’ve got to be recommended to the Government by your promoting agent, most probably you will never be turned down and get your new citizenship in about 30 to 90 days.